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Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The Sabbath day has been the topic of dispute for many years. Click the button below to see when the Bible says is and what is the Sabbath.

The verse 2 Peter 3:9 where it is said, "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." Is one of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible. Click on the button to find the correct interpretation for this verse.

Our Father, I thank you for your many blessings, thank you for your love, for your grace and mercy, for your longsuffering to us-word. I thank you also for opening our spiritual eyes that we may see correctly and I ask that you help us as we read, that you may continue to open our spiritual eyes. I thank you in the name of the Messiah. Amen.

Throughout the literature on this site I use both, the literal translation of the Creator and Savior and the English versions, if you normally use one or the other names or title, simply read only that one and ignore the other. The literal translation for the creator is “Elohim” and the Savior’s literal translation is “Yahshua” in the English Bibles they use God and Jesus. Also, in the literal translation of the Creators name there are many variations of His name used literally that describe other attributes of Him we don’t see in the English title, God. And we must remember it is not only people from the United States who may read this, and I feel I must accommodate others as well. So, just read the name or title you prefer.

Hi, I am Mark W Chamberlain, I have been a Pastor for over 30-years. I have been seriously studying the Bible for more than 40-years and have been reading it on and off all my life. The Bible is a living book. More than anything else I want to understand its truth, and I thank Elohim (God) that he has been gracious enough to bless me with his understanding of the truth. Part of Elohim's (God's) blessing he has given me is a great desire to share with others his truth. The adversary, the devil does not want people to know the truth and has gone to great lengths to deceive people. In these last days the deception of Satan has become so great, that most all of the Christian world has unknowingly fallen prey to Satan's deception. As a result those who do not recognize the truth, will be offended by some of the things I speak of, but it is not my intention to offend, but to help. I pray that you prayerfully read and seek the truth.
It saddens me greatly to think that out of all the world, all those who look to themselves as Christian, very few have a habit of reading the Bible, and even less have ever read it through in its entirety. May the love and compassion of Elohim (God) spark a desire of hope within you to seek the truth!

The Bible is written in parabolic form and If you are like me; many years ago if I were to think about parables I would think about passages such as Matthew chapter 13 where it specifically says, Yahshua (Jesus) spoke this in parables, and I looked at most of the rest of the Bible as recording events of the past and not so much as parables.
However, I have come to realize that the entire Bible is written in parables and in the passages such as Matthew chapter 13 Yahshua (Jesus) lets us know he is speaking in parables after which he explains what the parable means. I believe that these parables are given for examples to us so we can learn how to interpret a parable into its spiritual meaning for us to use this pattern to interpret the rest of the Bible; for the whole Bible is written in parabolic form. As we read from Matthew 13:34-35 “All these things spake Yahshua (Jesus) unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them: That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” This passage lets us know the whole Bible is written in parables.

One of the problems the Israelites had during the days of Yahshua (Jesus) is that they would read their Scripture texts that they had. Next they would look to the world for the interpretation. Therefore, the Israelites did not recognize the Messiah when Yahshua (Jesus) came in their day. For they were looking for a Messiah that was going to deliver them out from under the rule of the Roman government. Therefore, they did not recognize the Messiah.

How to interpret the Bible

Every year during the Passover Israel was to celebrate the feast of unleavened bread for seven days straight. Click to see what the importance of unleavened bread is.
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Why use circumcision to represent salvation? How does it come into play when it applies only to males? How would it apply to females? Find the answers to this and more.
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There was a time when Elohim (God) almost killed Moses. Click the butten to find out why.
Elohim (God) Almost Kills Moses

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